Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guide to making an awesome desktop.

Difficulty: 4/5

  1. Download the following programs:
    a) Objectdock
    b) rainmeter
    c) fences
    d) rainlendar
  2. Visit this website, where you will find a goldmine of skins for the programs you just downloaded.
    Just find the skins you like and download them, put them in the "skins" folder of the corresponding program.
  3. For Wallpapers, visit.
    and press the random button. Millions of wallpapers will come to your view, but only about 24 at a time.
  4. Right click your taskbar, click properties, and click "hide taskbar"
  5. Delete any and all icons on your desktop.
  6. Add configs from rainmeter, configure and move them around to your liking.

Here's mine using Windows Vista.

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